Advanced Organics has quality landscape mulch, topsoil, gravel, sand, Agra-Mulch, road and driveway salt, treated salt, salt sand mix and much more. We are wholesale manufacturer and distributor of our own materials. Our products are 100% naturally formulated to ensure that the materials used in your yard are healthy ,and safe for the whole family. We carry eight different mulch products, six soils, de-icing agents and twelve varieties of gravel.

boardman brown

Boardman Brown : Our Most Popular Mulch!

Our Boardman Brown mulch is a unique blend of softwoods. It provides great weed suppression while adding to the health of your plants and soils. The color of this mulch is an all natural earth tone brown (no colorant added). Organic natural Boardman Brown is a great choice for homes with children and pets. Safe for the whole family!

dark+brown+mulch[3277] 100% Boardman Black and Dark Walnut Natural Mulch:
Our 100% natural Black and Dark Walnut mulch is a unique blend of hardwoods and softwoods. It provides great weed suppression while adding to the health of your plants and soils. The color of this mulch is enriched with a high quality black colorant, so you will not have any fading late in the season.
red Enriched Bright Red Mulch:Our red mulch is made from a unique blend of Cedar and softwoods. It has been colored with a state of the art coloring system using only  non-hazardous materials, making the mulch we deliver completely safe for shrubs, plants, pets and children. Our commitment to the environment also means our colorants are free of harmful toxins. Toxic emissions are a major cause of ozone pollution, and a significant part of the toxins released into    the atmosphere come from industrial paints and coatings. For the record, we’ve always used water-based formulations (rather than solvent-based).
100% Boardman Natural Compost:
Our 100% all natural compost is made using a unique blend of topsoil, organic fertilizer, and green waste fiber. Compost is  a great material to mix with your existing soils to ensure you keep them loose and porous. Compost provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep your yard and plants healthy and looking great.Click on image to enlarge.
  topsoil 100% Natural Screened Topsoil:
Our topsoil is screened at our facility using a 1/2 screen to ensure that it will be clean of stones and roots. It is rich with vitamins and minerals that are needed to stimulate and support healthy root growth and plant life.
Agra Mulch Property 5 100% Organic Agra-Mulch (White Pine Shavings):
Our 100% all natural Agra-Mulch  is made using a unique blend of  wood fiber, and organic fertilizer. Agra-Mulch is  a great material for mulching applications and can also be used as a soil amendment. Agra-Mulch is a 3/4 inch White Pine wood shaving product enriched with farm produced organic fertilizers and other natural ingredients.
Natural Mulch:Our Natural mulch is a unique blend of Hemlock, Spruce, and Pine. It is uncolored and untreated.  It provides great weed suppression while adding to the health of your plants and soils.

Stone Dust



Stone Dust:
Our Stone Dust is pulverized stone used for walks,paddocks, and masonry needs. Stone Dust can either be   mixed with earth and compacted or it can be mixed with gravel to fill the spaces between irregular stones and produce a stable surface. Stone Dust is also great for Horse Arenas.                              

Native Boulders 16″ to 30″      
Joes iphone 610  3/8 Native Gravel
 3″ to 6″ River Rounds 
Joe Quaranta I pad 2 558





Stone, Gravel, Native Gravel

 3/4 Native White Stone












Gravel, Stone, Native Gravel Bins


Advanced Organics carries a wide variety of gravels, stone, pea gravel, stone dust, native gravels in bulk. Call today for our pricing per yard and delivery.