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Advanced Organics New Milford, CT is one of the leading manufacturers of mulch and topsoil in the State of CT.  Companies interested in bulk mulch, compost, or topsoil look no further. We supply  small landscaping companies, as well as the largest contracting companies in the region. Equipped with a fleet of Tri-axles, Walking Floors, Dump Trailers Advanced Organics is always on the move. We house thousands of yards of mulch, topsoil, and compost ready to go.


As a topsoil manufacturer our expertise lies with custom soil blends and screening organic topsoil.  We are capable of even the most large scale projects.  The consistency of our product, and the service we offer are some of the reasons why even the largest companies contract Advanced Organics.


We are one of Ct’s leading producers of mulch. Our mulch is known for it’s quality, price, and consistency. Advanced Organics mulch  color will not vary throughout the season. Since we produce mulch ourselves we are able to offer bulk pricing to other landscape supply companies, as well as high volume landscape companies. The price is determined by the amount of mulch being purchased as well as the proximity from our New Milford location. Like all of our products mulch can also be picked up, and we do offer discounts for pre-paying with a 100 cubic yard minimum purchase.

Recycling Services

Advanced Organics is one of the leading  recycling companies in the region. We are State of Ct DEEP permitted for the recycling of Wood Debris). We operate our facility in New Milford, Ct. Organic materials are brought to us by municipalities, landscapers, and homeowners alike.

Materials we accept

  • Brush
  • Logs
  • Stumps
  • Wood Chips
  • White Pine Shavings/Soiled Horse Bedding
  • Leaves
  • Dirt


The end result of our recycling process is organic compost. Our compost is an extremely fertile material that is great for gardens, top dressing lawns, and vegetable gardens. Our bulk product custom prices are given depending on the job and quantity.