Advanced Organics uses only 100% recycled wood waste and other natural materials for our products. We do not manufacture, sell, or promote materials from endangered species and/or clear designated species of trees for turning a profit. It is our intent to reduce waste, help curb climate change, improve soil quality, and in the process beautify and enrich your property. Unfortunately, large mulch manufacturers throughout the county are suppling chain stores and local nurseries with bagged and bulk mulch produced from such materials. We urge you to take part using 100% recycled products in your landscaping. We manufacture all products at our site in New Milford, Ct. We strive for customer satisfaction and are pleased to offer 100% certified organic products. We are family owned and operated so we take pride in our products and also the fact that we are able to keep our customer base on a personnel level. No matter when you call to find out information on our products you will speak to a live person. If we should miss your call because we are helping another customer, we will get back to same day.


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